“Based in the lush green valley of Peshawar, Sunny International is the leading fruit and vegetable exporter in Pakistan. Our business has steadily expanded from the Gulf States to UK and the EU countries. This has been possible only due to the consistently improving quality of produce and reliable supply to those markets. The diverse climate of North West Frontier Province enables our farmers to produce numerous kinds of fruits and vegetables, ranging from tropical, sub-tropical and temperate season. We make sure that our produce reaches you fresh and full of nutrition and taste.”

Its R&D section is persistently improving its production technology at its own farms and then expending to the Contract Farmers. Sunny International can grow and supply fresh Vegetables on specific demand of any client. Satisfaction and Confidence of our Customers in the international market is our success.The company obtained ISO 9001-2008 and 22000-2005certificate three years ago from a renowned accredited.

Sunny International is a progressive company keeping pace with growing market to the Gulf States and then to the entire Middle East market, franc and England. We always strive fro satisfaction of our customer.

Sunny international Deals in:


Apple Mango, Kino, Apricot, Plum, litchi, Peaches, Pear Grape, Guava and Strawberry.


Peas, Carrot, Arvi, Okra, Fresh Beans, Potato, Long Goud, Squash, Egg Plant, Tory (Lufa), Sugar Cane Pieces, Bitter Gourd, Yard long Beans, Broccoli Chinese Cabbage, Ice Berg.